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Occult, The Occult, Mysticism, Supernatural, Demonology, Magic, Mythology, 
Psychic Powers, Metaphysics, Spiritism, Pseudoscience, Unknown, Unusual, Curious, Extraordinary, Occult, 
Myths, Spirits, Mystic, Paranormal, ESP, Monsters, Alien, Space, Strange, Vampires, Werewolf, Alchemy, 
Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Esoterism, Enochian Magic, Ancient Mysteries, Marvels, Wisdom, Science, Culture, 
Civilizations, Angels, Cherubs, Archangels, Angelical Beliefs, Astrology, Horoscopes, Divination, Palmistry, 
Numerology, Tarot, Early Man, Human Origins, Hominids, Missing Links, Primates, End of the World, 
Forces of Nature, Catastrophism, Disasters, Fakes, Impostors, Frauds, Deceptions, Forgeries, Scams, Hoaxes, 
Ghosts, Apparitions, Poltergeists, Specters, Phantoms, Hauntings, Historical Facts, Mysteries, Curiosities, 
Enigmas, Conspiracies, Hollow Earth, Subterranean Civilizations, Inner Worlds, Underground Worlds, Metaphysics, 
Mysticism, Theology, Consciousness, Mysteries of the Mind, Alternative Medicine, Healing, Mysterious Beings, 
Strange Animals, Creatures, Heroes, Warriors, Legends, Crusades, Knights, Chivalry, Lore, Necronomicon, 
H. P. Lovecraft, Cthulhu Mythos, Horror, Magick, Necromancy, Supernatural, Satanism, Paranormal, Spiritualism, 
Prophets, Clairvoyance, E.S.P., Psychic, Philadelphia Experiment, Project Rainbow, Montauk Project, 
Pseudoscience, Creationism, Scientology, Logic, Philosophy, Pyramids, Mummies, Egyptology, Pharaohs, 
Egyptian Mysteries, Reincarnation, Past Lives, Karma, Life After Death, Immortality, Religious Mysteries, 
Bible Codes, Miracles, Stigmata, Exorcism, Secret Societies, Sects, Religions, Fellowships, Orders, Cults, 
Shipwrecks, Treasures, Pirates, Nautical, Underwater Mysteries, UFOs, Close Encounters, Men in Black, Area 51, 
Extraterrestrials, Unexplained, Strange, Bizarre, Chaos, Anomalies, Weird Science, Universe, Time, Space, 
Robots, Other Dimensions, Planetary Mysteries, Voodoo, Zombies, Santeria, Juju, Macumba, Syncretism, Witches, 
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The Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia  
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Occultopedia's Necronomicon, H. P. Lovecraft, Cthulhu Mythos, Terror and Horror Links
  1. AJL Cthulhu Web Pages
  2. Al Azif : The Manuscript Liber Logaeth
  3. Alsirat - Horror Literature E-zine
  4. Animation of Heaven and Hell in 3-D
  5. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles
  6. Anne Rice Web Page
  7. Anubis Order Press: SciFi Stories & Related
  8. Black October Magazine
  9. Bloodlines
  10. Bloodlust
  11. Brat Queen
  12. Brinke Stevens Homepage
  13. Call of Cthulhu
  14. Carpe Noctem
  15. Castle of the Spirits
  16. Caverns of Blood
  17. Clique of the Tomb Beetle
  18. Cult Film Page: Horror Films
  19. Cyber-Psychos AOD and the Death Equinox Gatherings
  20. Cyber Spyder
  21. Dark Currents - An Occult Soap Opera
  22. Dark Echo's Horror Web
  23. Darth's Horror Hell
  24. Daughters of Darkness
  25. David Cronenberg Home Page
  26. David Niall Wilson Home Page
  27. Dean Koontz Home Page at Pathfinder
  28. Dean Koontz Home Page at Webcom
  29. Dean Koontz' Intensity
  30. Dean Koontz Unofficial Home Page I
  31. Dean Koontz Unofficial Home Page II
  32. Death Studios
  33. Demented Effects - Special Make up Effects
  34. Demon's Lair
  35. De Web Mysteriis
  36. Doctor Bloods Horror Vault
  37. Dominick Cancilla's Website
  38. Drac's Mausoleum - People Are Dying to Get In!
  39. Dracula's Home Page
  40. Dracula: The Series
  41. Ed Wood Page
  42. Elvira Photo Gallery
  43. EuroShades
  44. Forest J Ackerman's Wide Webbed World
  45. Forever Knight Home Page
  46. F. Paul Wilson I
  47. F. Paul Wilson II
  48. Frankenstein []
  49. Frankenstein Exhibit
  50. Fritz Leiber Home Page
  51. Gargor's Lair
  52. Gargoyles
  53. Genre Fiction: Horror & Thrillers
  54. Halloween '97
  55. HalloweenCon One!!
  56. Halloween Productions
  57. Hallowmas (E-Zine)
  58. Hammer House of Horror
  59. Haunted Verdun Manor
  60. Haunt World
  61. Haunted Verdun Manor
  62. Herschell Gordon Lewis - Wizard of Gore
  63. History of the Necronomicon []
  64. Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense
  65. Horror Haven
  66. HorrorNet
  67. Horror Underworld
  68. Horror Writers Association
  69. House of Horrors
  70. H.P. Lovecraft in the Movies
  71. HP Lovecraft Page []
  72. Igor's Fright Shack
  73. In The Mouth Of Madness
  74. Info on Peter James' New Novel HOST
  75. Information on Dracula From Elizabeth Miller
  76. Jeanne Kalogridis' Web Page
  77. JBC Productions
  78. Judy's Dark Shadows Home Page
  79. Kaleidoscope's Spotlight on Clive Barker
  80. Kids Domain Halloween
  81. Lair of Malezebuth
  82. Laura's Haunted Boarding House
  83. Lissa's Home of Horror - And other cool stuff
  84. Lovecraft Draft Cider Ltd.
  85. Lovecraft Page
  86. Madmatt's Homepage of Horrors
  87. Making Fangs
  88. Mary Shelley and Frankenstein
  89. ^Memnoch^'s Lair
  90. More Cool Horror Links
  91. Movieweb: Lord of Illusions
  92. Mr Chaos Home Page
  93. Necronomicon []
  94. Necronomicon []
  95. Necronomicon by Simon
  96. Nightmarez Cafe
  97. Night of the Living Dead and the Morning After
  98. Norman Partridge's Web Site
  99. Paragon's Haunted Web Page
  100. Pathway to Darkness
  101. Paul Naschy Page
  102. Peter Jackson Home Page
  103. Peter James' Web Page
  104. Phantasm Home Page
  105. Picture Palace
  106. Prinz Dracula's Official Page
  107. Ray Harryhausen Web Page
  108. Readers Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos
  109. Real Vampires
  110. Real Werewolves
  111. Resources for Horror Writers
  112. Resources for the Study of Frankenstein
  113. Rob Hardin's Web Page
  114. Salt City Home Video
  115. Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
  116. Servant of the Bones
  117. Shadowfox's Anne Rice Page
  118. Shadow
  119. She Wolf of London (aka Love and Curses) []
  120. Shock Com
  121. Sinister Tales
  122. Slasher Homepage
  123. Species
  124. Temple of the Vampire
  125. Terror by Design
  126. Theatre des Vampires
  127. The B Monster
  128. The Crawling Eye
  129. The Creep Show Haunted Mansion Web Site
  130. The Cthulhu WebRing
  131. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
  132. The Devil's Playground
  133. The Fright Site
  134. The Grotesque in Art
  135. The Haunted House - Cincinnati's Frightful Favorite
  136. The Haunted Playhouse
  137. The Hellbound Web
  138. The Hitchcock Page
  139. The Necronomicon Anti-FAQ
  140. The Night Gallery
  141. The Rocky Horror Picture Show []
  142. The Truth Is Out There
  143. The Univ. of Michigan's Fantasy and SF Home Pages
  144. The Unseen, The Unknown
  145. The Vampire A-Z
  146. The Vampire Church
  147. The Vampire's Vault
  148. The Vampyre Compendium
  149. The Web of Lost Souls - the Official Clive Barker Web Site
  150. The WPFS Times
  151. Things That Go Bump in the Night
  152. Thomas F Monteleone's Web Site
  153. Three Idiots Guide to Horror
  154. TransVersions
  155. Transylvanian Society of Dracula
  156. Tromaville
  157. Tus-Con Home Page
  158. Undead
  159. Underscope: Clive Barker
  160. UnEarthly Videos & Books
  161. Usenet: alt.horror.cthulhu
  162. Usenet:
  163. Vampire City
  164. Vampire Dan's Story Emporium
  165. Vampire Junction
  166. Vampire Duck Page
  167. Vampire of the Dark Sun
  168. Vampire Research Center
  169. Vampires []
  170. Vampires in Texas
  171. Vampire's Lair
  172. Vampires Lair Of Shadows
  173. Vampires of Anne Rice
  174. Vampire's Vault
  175. Vampnet
  176. Vampyre Exchange and Information Network Europe
  177. Vampyre Realm
  178. Various Scribblings, by Laura Lemay (Horror Literature)
  179. Vincent Price Films, by Lucy Chase Williams
  180. Vincent Price Legacy - The Vincent Price Gallery
  181. Vincent Price Tribute
  182. Visit the Waughters
  183. Welcome to Horror!
  184. Werewolf Legends from Germany []
  185. Werewolves []
  186. Werewolves - Brotherhood Of The Wolf
  187. Werewolves/ Lycanthropy
  188. Werewolves - Temple of Luna
  189. Wicked Mystic Magazine
  190. Wolf Studios Home Page
  191. World Wide Web Ouija
  192. Zinescope
  193. Zombies on the Web

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